2017 Winter League

Prague Barbarians will once again field two teams in the 2016 Winter league.
We will also return to Dresden for their Tournament in February.


Barbarian Vandals


Barbarian Visigoths

 S. Pokhriyal (c)          T. O'Connor (c)
 Y. Salain          A. Schoenherr
 H. Chagantry          V. Jeet Singh
 S. Grover          S. Mondal
 S. Reddy          J. Ferguson
 Pradeep K.G.          N. Taylor
 D. Hudecek          E. Entwistle
 A. A. Khawaja          J. Whittingham
 Kranthi M.V.          N. Whittingham
 A. P. Singh Rai          B. Petter
           S. P. Muniasamy
           M. Hynes

Saturday January 7th

13:20 Visigoths v Bohemians

14:45 Vandals v Vinohrady Rosso

Sunday January 15th

15:20 Vandals v Velvary

16:45 Visigothsv Vinohrady Bianco

Saturday January 21st

10:30 Visigoths v Vinohrady Rosso

13:20 Vandals v PCC Knights

Sunday January 29th

13:55 Vandals v PCC Rooks

15:20 Visigoths v PCC Knights

Saturday February 4th

10:30 Vandals v PCC Kings (128)

Visigoths Bye

Sunday February 12th

13:55 Visigoths v PCC Rooks

16:45 Vandals v PCC Kings

Saturday February 18th

14:45 Visigoths v Vandals

Saturday February 25th

Dresden Indoor Tournament Day One

Sunday February 26th

Dresden Indoor Tournament Day Two

Saturday March 4th

13:20 Visigoths v Velvary

Vandals Bye

Sunday March 12th

12:30 Visigoths v PCC Kings

13:55 Vandals v Vinohrady Bianco

Saturday March 18th


Published/updated: 2016/12/30 - 10:16