2015 Summer League

The 2015 summer season sees the Prague Barbarians competing in both Pro 40 and 20/20 leagues, the CMKS 6's tournament plus some friendly matches including the inaugural Banks-Elder Cup against Vinohrady C.C.. Net sessions are held on Fridays this season usually from 17:00 at Olsanska.

Playing squad

 T. O'Connor (c)        A. Swami  J. Ferguson
 N. Taylor        Y. Salian  E. Entwistle
 D. Hudecek        J. Whittingham  S. Kumar
 Pradeep K.G.        N. Whittingham  S. Elder
 G. Rutland        V. Seth  A. Schoenherr
 B. Petter        K. A. Mullasseril  H. Sabih
 B. Asad        R. Yates  K. Ziegler
 H. Singh        S. Pokhriyal  

Gentlemen Members

 H. Rodic  N. Bhattacharyya  M. Hynes
 D. Hughes  C. Davies  F. Mercel
 F. Costeloe  R. York  

Fixtures and Results

 Date  Competition  Opponent  Time  Result/Scorecard  
 April 18  Banks-Elder Cup (Friendly)  Vinohrady C.C.  11:15  Vinohrady won by 4 wickets  
 April 25  Friendly  Ceske Budejovice C.C.  11:30  Ceske Budejovice won by 8 wickets
 May 2  Pro 40  Bohemians C.C.  11:15  Bohemians won by 8 wickets  
 May 9  Pro 40  Vinohrady C.C.  11:15  Vinohrady won by 7 wickets  
 May 16  Pro 40  P.C.C. 2nd XI  11:15  P.C.C. 2nd XI won by 69 runs
 May 23  Pro 40  P.C.C. 1st XI  11:15  P.C.C. 1st XI won by 100 runs  
 May 31st  Pro 40  Dresden R.C.C.  11:00 Dresden won by 215 runs   
 June 21st  Pro 40  Prague C.C. 2nd XI  11:15 Prague Barbarians won by 2 wickets  
 June 27th  Pro 40  Bohemian C.C.  11:15 Bohemians won by 7 wickets  
 July 6th  T20 Friendly  Hertford College C.C.  12:30 Hertford won by 91 runs  
 July 12th  T20  P.C.C. 1st XI  11:15 P.C.C. won by 9 wickets   
 July 18th  T20  Vinohrady C.C. 1st XI  11:15 Vinohrady won by 7 wickets  
 July 18th  T20  Vinohrady C.C. 2nd XI  15:00 Barbarians won by forfeit   
 July 26th  T20  PCC 2nd XI  11:15 Barbarians won by 7 runs  
 August 1  Friendly  Swingers C.C.  11:30 Barbarians won by 73 runs  
 August 29th  Friendly  London Fields C.C.  11:30 London Fields won by 7 wickets  
 September 19th  CMKS 6's Tournament  Various  11:30 Barbarians finish 2nd  


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Published/updated: 2015/10/02 - 05:39