2014 Winter league


Prague Barbarians will field two teams in the 2014 Winter league once again.
As well as returning to Dresden for their Tournament in February we will also
travel to Ceske Budejovice for three friendly matches.


Barbarian Vandals


Barbarian Visigoths

 N. Bhattacharyya (c)    T. O'Connor (c)
 N. Taylor    S. Elder
 Y. Salain    R. York
 D. Hudecek    A. Swami
 J. Hodgson    B. Petter
 B. Assad    M. Hynes
 U. Akhtar    A. Schoenherr
 G. Pettman    N. Keegan
 V. Seth    R. Hield
 B. Day    J. Bennett
     H. Sabih
     F. Costelo
     S. Saeed
     R. Yates
     Pradeep K.G.
     H. Guyer

Fixtures & Results

Saturday January 11th

11:00 Barbarians (120) beat Ceske Budejovice (50)

12:30 Barbarians (143) beat Ceske Budejovice (68)

14:30 Team Gary (162) beat Team Chris (110)

Saturday January 18th

15:30 Barbarians pairs game

Saturday January 25th

12:30 PCC Kings beat Barbarian Vandals by 53 runs

14:00 Barbarian Visigoths beat Bohemians by 14 runs

Saturday February 1st

12:30 Vino Rosso (86) beat Barbarian Visigoths (22) by 64 runs

15:30 PCC Rooks (68) beat Barbarian Visigoths (39) by 29 runs

Saturday February 8th

12:30 PCC Knights (36) beaten by Barbarian Vandals(62)by 26 runs

15:30 Dragons (-8)beaten by Barbarian Vandals (75)by 83 runs

Saturday February 15th

14:00 Barbarian Vandals (108) beat Barbarian Visigoths (20) by 88 runs

Saturday February 22nd and 23rd

Dresden Indoor Tournament

Saturday March 1st

11.00 Vino Rosso (8) beaten by Barbarian Vandals (48) by 40 runs

15.30 PCC Rooks (37) beaten by Barbarian Vandals (39) by 2 runs

Saturday March 8th

11.00 Barbarian Visigoths beat Knights by forfeit

15.30 Barbarian Visigoths (60) beat Dragons (41) by 19 runs

Saturday March 15th

11.00 Bohemians (41) beaten by Barbarian Vandals (48)

12.30 Barbarian Visigoths (19) beaten by Kings (100)

Saturday March 22nd

Lower half Finals

Saturday March 29th

First Semi-Final PCC Rooks (-7) beaten by Barbarian Vandals (52) by 61 runs

Second Semi-FinalBarbarian Visigoths (30) beaten by Kings (64) by 34 runs

3rd Place play-off PCC Rooks (79) beat Barbarian Visigoths (42) by 37 runs

Final PCC Kings (43) beat Barbarian Vandals (36)by 7 runs



Published/updated: 2014/03/30 - 17:08