2013 Winter League

The 2013 Winter League season will start in January, PBCC will again field two teams in the competition, Vandals and Visigoths.
The club is also participating in the Dresden Indoor Tournament, sending one team.


Barbarian Vandals


Barbarian Visigoths

G. Pettman (c)   C. Jeffery (c)
 N. Taylor    S. Elder
 N. Bhattacharyya    R. York
 D. Hudecek    T. O'Connor
 J. Hodgson    B. Petter
 M. Hynes    M. Enev
 V. Sabharwal    A. Schoenherr
 D. Hughes    S. Ridgill
     D. Werry
     J. Bennett
     F. Costelo
     S. Hassan Dhrubo
     C. Davies
     I. Bird
     J. Boddy
     J. McCollum
     B. Assad

Fixtures & Results

Sunday January 13th

10:00 Barbarian Vandals (102) beat Bohemians (100)

11:30 Barbarian Visigoths (156) beat PCC Bears (93) Photos

13:00 Barbarian Vandals (162) beat PCC Bears (151) Photo

Sunday January 20th

10:00 Barbarian Visigoths beat PCC Beavers by forfeit

13:00 Barbarian Vandals (156) beat Vino Bianco (110) Photos

13:00 Barbarian Visigoths beat Bohemians by forfeit

Sunday February 3rd

10:00 Barbarian Vandals (191) beat Barbarian Visigoths (113) Photos

11:30 Barbarian Vandals (141) beat Vino Rosso (91)

Sunday February 10th

10:00 Barbarian Visigoths (149) beat Vino Bianco (144)

11:30 Barbarian Vandals (116) lost to PCC Badgers (132)

13:00 Barbarian Visigoths (113) lost to PCC Badgers (246)

Sunday February 17th

10:00 Barbarian Visigoths (123) lost to Vino Rosso (184)

11:30 Barbarian Vandals (92) lost to PCC Beavers (171)

Sunday February 24th

Semi Finals

10:00 Barbarian Vandals (90) lost to Vino Rosso (164)(pitch 2)

13:00 Barbarian Visigoths (65) lost to PCC Badgers (158)

Sunday March 10th

10.00 - Upper 3/4 play-off: Barbarian Vandals(155) beat Barbarian Visigoths (113)


Dresden Indoor Tournament

Saturday March 16th

10.00 Barbarians lost to Saxon Warriors

12:45 Barbarians lost to Chemnitz Cricketing Warriors

15:30 Barbarians lost to RFCC Lions

Sunday March 17th

Plate Super Six

9:15 Barbarians lost to Dresden Blue

11:45 Barbarians beat HK Hurricains

Plate Semi-Final

14:00 Barbarians lost to PCC Badgers




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